Parkland Place - Alcohol and Drug Rehab

Parkland Place drug rehab is centred in the countryside, with miles and miles of natural green pastures all around, it is completely secluded from the outside world, which means that you have the ideal, private environment in which you can recover in the optimum conditions.

parkland place delivers unrivalled rehab for people in recovery from alcohol addiction, drug addiction, and gambling addiction as well as treatment for other behavioural conditions, all situated in the amazing comfort of a breath-taking and historic 16-bedroom mansion along with the fantastic gardens and the North Wales coastline which is just a stone’s throw away. This is the welcoming and comfortable experience you are looking for on your recovery journey.

The centre also has access to the very best therapists and psychologists who make up the dedicated staff of parkland place rehabilitation centre. They use a CBT approach (cognitive behavioural therapy) in order to retrain your brain and thought patterns into something that is more productive and to help resolve those longstanding issues and beliefs. You can get better is the message which rings true for all involved.

The light and well-proportioned mansion is full of character, with a historical framework and a fresh, modern interior. Each bedroom has an en suite, with individual styling and other options available.

Parkland Place is a luxury rehab centre which is a favourite choice of celebrities and affluent individuals who prefer to have the best rehabilitation that money can buy as well as a luxury environment and gorgeous natural surroundings.

Why Parkland Place? They appreciate that rehabilitation is a massive step and not one that should be taken haphazardly – you need to make sure that you are going to the right place. Parkland Place will give you all of the tools and resources you need to give you the best chance of making a healthy and clean recovery from whatever you are struggling with. With the perfect environment, along with skilled professionals and luxury, natural surroundings you have the ideal setting to make the recovery you need.

Everything that they do is well established and researched information that is proven to have a positive effect on the recovery process. the programme draws on solution and person-centred thinking, and models of recovery, this includes cognitive behavioural and metacognitive therapies as well as a holistic approach which treats the whole body and mind together to make an all-encompassing treatment.

Take that much needed time off to heal, take stock of your life and move forward with a positive attitude towards the future.

Parkland Place is run and operated by CAIS, a leading charity which focuses on mental health and substance abuse which has been operating for decades with priceless expertise of the area.

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